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remove plesk install from virtuozzo vzpp

by admin on April 6th, 2009

if you have cpanel on a virtuozzo node vps you really want to disable plesk install :P.

This cannot be done for selected VPSes, only for node-wide. In order to remove ‘Install Plesk’ link from the customer’s Parallels Power Panel, it is required to modify /vz/private/1/root/etc/vzcp/pp/menu.xml (on the node) file or /etc/vzcp/pp/menu.xml (in Service VPS).

There is an item looking like

item href=”$baseurl/panel/plesk” icon=”plesk” tip=”plesk_control_panel” cred=”plesk_use” svps=”deny”

<title>Install Plesk</title>

<screen id=”″/>

<template cond=”version &gt;= 20040227″>plesk</template>


It should be completely removed and vzcp restarted:

# vzctl exec 1 /etc/init.d/vzcp restart

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