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Plesk windows webmail 503 error

by admin on June 26th, 2009

It happened that webmail from plesk windows just opened a page with error 503 , service unavailable. In our case it was horde webmail with plesk 8.6  IIS7 on windows 2008. Restarting whole IIS did not help.

Unfortunately I did not find too many docs related to it so find out from Parallels that webmail is not running from “webmail” application pool but on plesk default application pool that can be found in plesk -> server-> IIS Application Pool . If this is not running so webmail will not work and you have to restart this application pool to start webmail.

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  1. if I do this solve problem?

    Add ‘Modify’ permission for ‘psaadm’ user on the folder containing aforementioned modules (the path may differ slightly depending on your system settings):

    C:\Program Files\IIS\
    C:\Program Files\Micronovae\Mod-Rewrite\

    and restart Plesk Default application pool in IIS.

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