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Jul 7 14

How to find files by the length of filename

by admin

To find files by specific name you can use:

echo ???????log.?
this will print files with name access_log.1 for e.g.

echo ????? will print all files which have 5 character names or print ????? if there is none of these.

to recursively find these files you can use find:

find . -name "?????" -type f 

Jul 4 14

How to change ManageEngine OPManager admin or other password or set special characters in it

by admin

ManageEngine only advise you to contact their support team to get a new password based on your license. fastest way is to do the following:

you have to connect to opmanager mysql on port 13306 or socket based:

mysql -P13306 -S /opt/ManageEngine/OpManager/mysql/mysql.socket

use OpManagerDB

select * from UserPasswordTable;

check id or username of desired user…

the password field is encrypted so you have to encrypt it first

go to opmanager bin folder and run:

./ admin ‘password’ ‘passwordtobeencrypted’

admin,password are current admin and its password.

update UserPasswordTable set PASSWORD=’fwqmevnlewvr’ where USERNAME=’admin’;


Jun 25 14

Refresh the list of installed components in Plesk Panel Windows

by admin

How can I refresh the list of installed components in Plesk Panel? I installed Plesk component (for example PHP, .NET), but Plesk does not see it.

  1. Go to Tools & Settings > Server Components > Refresh
  2. Launch command from CMD:
    "%plesk_bin%\defpackagemng.exe" --get --force
Mar 13 14

Setup nginx on Plesk9 server

by admin

How to setup nginx proxy on Plesk9 server:

yum install nginx or install from source

download nginx generate script and unpack.

copy nginx.conf and proxy.conf to nginx conf folder (/etc/nginx).

run sh

check nginx new configuration : nginx -t

make sure you open port 8080 in the firewall.

change apache bind port to 8080 (or another) :

01./usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/websrvmng --set-http-port --port=8080
02./usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/websrvmng --reconfigure-all
03./usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/webmailmng --disable --name=horde
04./usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/webmailmng --enable --name=horde
05./usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/webmailmng --disable --name=atmail
06./usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/webmailmng --enable --name=atmail
07./usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/webmailmng --disable --name=atmailcom
08./usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/webmailmng --enable --name=atmailcom
09.service httpd restart
10.service nginx restart

and you are ready...

you can setup in cron or you can modify it to work with plesk event handlers and also mod_rpaf in apache for statistics

Mar 10 14

Galaxy Nexus multiple bluetooth devices issue

by admin

I have some issues when simultaneously using multiple bluetooth devices on galaxy nexus phone. For e.g. pairing with car hands free and smart watch the same time can affect call quality a lot.

Some fix I found is rooting the phone and modify bellow values in /system/etc/bluetooth/audio.conf file :


Hope it helps other too...
Aug 8 13

Migrate Windows 2008 server from physical to virtual environment or to different hardware

by admin

When you need to bare metal restore a windows 2008 server to another hardware or to a virtual server, mainly when storage drivers differ, you will have to modify some registry to boot.

In my case in safe mode, boot generates BSOD with error 0x7B after crcdsk.sys and reboots forever.

After completing the BMR boot from install/recovery cd.
Then select Command Prompt.
Highlight HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, File>Load Hive>[restored volume]:\Windows\System32\Config\SYSTEM>Open>Key Name = Restored_HKLM>OK.
Expand Restored_HKLM\ControlSet001\services and ensure the following are set:

If restored to a (VMWare) VM then ensure intelide>Start = 0 and LSI_SAS>Start = 0; msahci>Start = 3 and pciide>Start = 3

For KVM virtualisation I have changed:

ntelide start 4->0

lsi_sas 4->4

msahci 0->4

pciide 0->4


You can try also switching sata mode in bios from ahci to ide or vice versa.

Hope this will help other people too since I tried to fix windows for many days before discover this.

source: gg MaliStane

Mar 29 13

Restrict or filter GAL access for OWA users using MSExchQueryBaseDN in Exchange

by admin
When hosting Exchange mailboxes for use purely with Outlook Web Access (OWA) you may wish to limit access to the Global Address List (GAL), so that logged in users can only see a subset of the contacts in the GAL. This would be particularly relevant in hosting environments where mailboxes may be hosted for multiple companies in the same active directory, and you might want users to only see contact information from users for their company, rather than all companies.

A while ago we had a situation where this was a requirement. In our case there were several groups of users who would only be accessing email through OWA, and only needed contact information for a subset of staff. We were able to use custom address lists and the MSExchQueryBaseDN user attribute to solve this problem.

If you run adsiedit.msc and look at the properties of a user object you can scroll down the list of attributes to findMSExchQueryBaseDN.


then you could point the MSExchQueryBaseDN attribute to an Organizational Unit, so it would filter contact information for just the users in that OU. It is important in exchange to separate at least domains in separate OU’s.



Mar 29 13

Openvz vps quota crash after migration

by admin


After online migration edquota can throw an error, for example (usually after migrating to lower openvz/os node version):

edquota: Quota write failed (id 102): Invalid argument

The fix is to recreate /dev/simfs :

rm -f /dev/simfs

n=$(stat / --format %d)

mknod /dev/simfs b $((${n} / 256)) $((${n} % 256))

same on virtuzzo users for device /dev/vzfs
Apr 10 12

Centos6.2 kernel panic on boot

by admin

it seems that boot system (and many other things) on centos6 changed a little bit.

Since today when I want to move disks from one server to another it was enough to boot the centos system in rescue, chroot, update kernel (to rebuild initrd needed for software raid and other modules), reinstall grub on boot partitions and voila all was fine.

Now Centos6 have a new feature called “dracut” which does not agree with the above solution (just throw a kernel panic ’cause no root disk found, no raid started), so all you need to do is rebuild initrd (initramfs file) using dracut command line:

mv /boot/initramfs-$(uname -r).img /boot/initramfs-$(uname -r).img.old
dracut –mdadmconf –force /boot/initramfs-$(uname -r).img $(uname -r)

important thing is to set the same name from /boot/initramfs-xxx.img here and in grub.conf and set the next parameter to the kernel version you will use after (if you have just boot in rescue).

After that system will boot just fine.


Apr 10 12

Cannot add disk to software raid “–re-add fails”

by admin

Just found a new bug on the latest mdadm-3.2.2-9.el6.x86_64 release in centos6.2!

Once you remove a partition from a software raid (fail/remove) you can’t add it back. Error message is:

“mdadm: /dev/sdxx reports being an active member for /dev/mdx, but a –re-add fails”

All you need to do is zero the md info on the paertition with: mdadm –zero-superblock /dev/sda1

and then you can add it back to the raid device with: mdadm /dev/md0 –add /dev/sda1