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How to change ManageEngine OPManager admin or other password or set special characters in it

by admin on July 4th, 2014

ManageEngine only advise you to contact their support team to get a new password based on your license. fastest way is to do the following:

you have to connect to opmanager mysql on port 13306 or socket based:

mysql -P13306 -S /opt/ManageEngine/OpManager/mysql/mysql.socket

use OpManagerDB

select * from UserPasswordTable;

check id or username of desired user…

the password field is encrypted so you have to encrypt it first

go to opmanager bin folder and run:

./ admin ‘password’ ‘passwordtobeencrypted’

admin,password are current admin and its password.

update UserPasswordTable set PASSWORD=’fwqmevnlewvr’ where USERNAME=’admin’;


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